57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, FL, USA, December 17-19, 2018

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Author Information
PaperPlaza Submission Site

All questions related to initial and final manuscript submission should be directed to the Conference Editorial Board Chair, Professor Amir Aghdam

CDC 2018 Submission and Registration Policies
  • All papers submitted to the CDC 2018, whether for review or publication upon acceptance, must be written in English and formatted in the standard 2-column format provided on PaperPlaza.
  • For the purpose of "review", all regular and invited papers are limited to eight (8) pages. PaperPlaza will not permit longer papers to be uploaded. The decision regarding the acceptance of each paper is at the discretion of the conference's Technical Program Committee.
  • For "publication" in the conference proceedings, all accepted and invited papers are limited to six (6) pages. Authors may upload longer manuscript up to a maximum of eight (8) pages total. However, each page in excess of six will incur an additional charge of 210 USD.
  • If the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors listed on the paper must attend the conference and present the paper according to the scheduling decided by the conference's Technical Program Committee.
  • In the event that the presenter is unable to attend the conference for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to insure that the paper is presented by a qualified colleague.
  • At least one of the authors listed on the paper must register for the CDC 2018 to upload the final manuscript.
  • Student registrants may upload one final paper.
  • Regular registrants may upload up to three final papers.
  • Additional papers can be uploaded for 210.00 USD each.
  • All submissions will be tested for similarity and overlap with prior published material using the iThenticate tool. Results of such overlap will be made available to the Program Committee for evaluation. In case of possible violations of the IEEE ethics rules in publishing, the case will be investigated by a committee that reports to the VP for Publications.

All papers must be submitted electronically using PaperPlaza

Only PDF files will be accepted. A maximum file size of 2MB for all uploaded papers is enforced. Click here for information on creating IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs.

Page size requirement: http://css.paperplaza.net/conferences/support/page.php

Caution: US Letter and margins settings below are required for the final submission.

Letter paper
Paper Size (8.5x11.0)in (21.59x27.94)cm
Top margin (1 st page) 1.0in 2.54cm
Top margin (pages 2+) 0.75in 1.9cm
Left margin 0.75in 1.9cm
Right margin 0.75in 1.9cm
Bottom margin 0.75in 1.9cm
Sample Paper and style files or templates

Note: Initial submissions may be up to 8 pages. However, for final submission, paper should be 6 pages long. Any page over 6 pages will be charged USD 200.00/page up to a maximum of two extra pages.

Caution: Style files and templates provided here have been created to ensure that margin requirement is adequately met.

  • MS Word template: ieeeconf_letter.dot
  • Sample Documents: sample_letter.doc
  • LaTeX
  • LaTeX style file: ieeeconf.cls
  • LaTeX sample document: sample.tex
  • REMINDER: Authors are responsible for submitting their paper in the required format. All papers that are accepted will be published as submitted by the Author. The Conference is NOT responsible for editing or correcting errors in the paper.

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    PaperPlaza Submission site
    We suggest that you use Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, to prevent copyright upload issues to IEEE.

    Key dates (2018)
    Submission Site Open:January 4
    Initial Paper
    Submissions to L-CSS with CDC Option Due:
    March 6
    Invited Session
    Proposals Due:
    March 10
    Initial Paper
    Submissions Due:
    March 20
    Workshop Proposals Due:May 1
    Paper and Workshop
    Decision Notification:
    Best Student Paper
    Nominations Opens:
    July 20
    Final Submission Open:August 1
    Registration Opens:August 1
    Best Student Paper
    Nominations Closes:
    August 15
    Accepted Papers Due:September 20
    Early Bird Closes:October 1
    Conference opens:December 17
    Conference closes:December 19

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